For Artisan and General Contractors

Contractors have unique needs and their insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all. A specialized contractor insurance policy is an easy way to cover the multiple risks that affect them, all at once. 

Our specialized program constantly analyzes the markets to create new products and minimize risk while address the overarching needs of the construction industry. 

Relying on data, this program is easily customizable to simplify the insurance placement process. 

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  • Multiple “A” Rated Carriers 
  • Limits up to $2,000,000 Aggregate and Products 
  • 50+ Classifications including General Contractors
  • IRPM Judgement Rating with Credits Available
  • Owner Payroll built into rater 
  • Online or Self Rater (2 minute process) 
  • 100% Sub-out allowed 
  • Flexible Underwriting
  • $500 Minimum Premium on Most Classes 
  • Policy Number and Binder issued Same Day 
  • Multi Family Dwellings allowed up to 25 units
  • Low Down-Payment Options 
  • Blanket Additional Insured 
  • Primary & Non-Contributory with Waiver of Subrogation 
  • No Prior and New Venture OK

Policies can cover additional, unexpected costs.

Whether or not you’re at fault you put yourself at risk of a lawsuit the moment you step onto a jobsite.

Between allegations of construction defect or major property damage to a building, and accidents on job sites, contractors carry a high level of risk.

Stepping onto a job site puts you, your construction company, and your employees at risk with potential losses in the millions. 

Our risk management team is here for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your risk exposure.


  • Welding 
  • Demolition 
  • Swimming Pool Installation 
  • Fiber Optics Installation 
  • Foundation Repair 
  • Over 36 feet in Height (>3 stories)

Available in these states:

  • Arizona 
  • California 
  • Nevada 
  • Oregon 
  • Texas 
  • Washington